Self organised

Atelier 14  "Beati Noi"
painting & instruction

Self organised lessons
- You can book me to teach you!

As your own group
with the topic and duration you choose
(from 2 hours to several days)


"We are three friends/artists and would like to learn more about
the different methods of hatching"

"can you organize an 3 hour- evening
on the topic light and dark for acrylic painting with 5 participants... "

Family painting days

"We are a family - a painting enthusiastic grandmother,my wife, myself
and our two children, 16 and 11 years old - we would like to do some
painting together.
Everyone on their own project, but also together
everyone would also like to learn something new
and and and...can we bring along our dog, too?"


" We are a slf-organised group of hobby-artists.
We would like to intensely explore the topic of composition
for a weekend
would it be possible to arrange that for us in your studio?"


"my friend and I would like to include
Chinese characters ( Kanji) in our pictures--
but they should look like proper calligraphy --can you help us with that?
How long will that take?"

Mixing colours - Colour theory

"Eveb though my painting friends and I are going for quite a while already,
we still sometimes have difficulties mixing the right colour tone
- we would like to visit you for 1 day
and work on our fundamental knowledge with you

We bring along our own materials to experiment. (we are interested in Oil, Acrylics und Aquarelle)
How much would that be? "